Practice Areas

Government Law

Duff Freeman Lyon’s attorneys have represented governmental entities including the State of South Carolina and its agencies and institutions, as well as counties, municipalities, school districts, special purpose districts, hospitals, and joint agencies. Our attorneys have substantial knowledge and experience with many legal challenges that governmental organizations face, such as the Freedom of Information Act, procurement and finance, employment and contract issues, reduction in force decisions, intergovernmental agreements, and budgetary matters. We understands how state and local governments work at the administrative and legislative levels.

General Counsel Representation

Our attorneys regularly advise members of various governmental bodies, such as educational institutions and local municipalities. We frequently draft policies and regulations, keeping in mind the laws and regulations specific to each client. We counsel our clients on concerns such as open meeting and election laws, referendum petitions, conflicts of interest and civil rights matters.

Constitutional Issues

All levels of government are responsible for enacting policies, rules, and regulations governed by the Constitution, and government employees must be made aware of correct actions that pass constitutional muster. Duff Freeman Lyon’ attorneys advise clients on ordinances to ensure constitutionality, as well as language for employee policies and handbooks. We also counsel local government clients on dealing with a full range of civil rights issues, from allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. We advise on compliance with laws that regulate open meetings, conflicts of interest and many other constitutional issues.

State and Local Procurement

Local governments in South Carolina are required to adopt competitive bidding regulations similar or identical to the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code. These regulations vary widely among jurisdictions, but we can assist clients at the necessary level. Our attorneys have experience representing governmental agencies in bid protests and other matters arising from procurement activities and can assist with procurement policy development, preparing solicitation documents, drafting contracts, and providing advice and counsel to clients about awards and protests.


Our litigation practice represents governmental clients in regulatory proceedings and in state and federal courts at the trial and appellate levels.